How Long Can Flowers Go Without Water?


The thriving US florists industry has an impressive market size of $5 billion. Year after year customers buy cut flowers as gifts or to tastefully decorate their own homes. But the lifespan of these flowers depends on proper caretaking.

Do you know how long can flowers go without water? Are you wondering if there’s a certain amount of water that keeps a bouquet of flowers looking fresh?

The following guide will explain how often to add water to flower vases for the best results. Read on and learn about maintaining and storing flowers like an expert.

How Long Can Flowers Go Without Water?

Flowers can typically last for around five days without any water. However, you need to wrap their stems with a damp cloth or paper. Flowers also die more quickly in hot weather so keeping a bouquet in colder temperatures extends its life.

Keep in mind that some of these flowers naturally live longer than others. Examples of flowers that last 8 hours or more out of water include protea, anthurium, orchids, and thistles.

Can Cut Flowers Last Without Water?

Cut flowers can last a few hours without any water if the temperature isn’t too extreme. Bacteria multiply in the water and start to break down cut flowers.

A flower like a Lilly lasts longer because it has a woody stem and its petals hold moisture very well. But a flower like a tulip with a delicate stem requires more water to last.

Flowers might last less than 2 hours on a hot day and definitely no more than 4 hours. On a mild day, expect them to last 1 to 2 hours longer. Keeping cut flowers inside is the best option because they’ll last about 2 to 4 days.

Other Flower Maintenance Tips

Remove leaves that sit below the water line before putting flowers into the water. If you need to store cut flowers overnight, place them in water inside a refrigerator overnight until you need them the next day.

Refrigerators help prevent water loss and keep flowers looking crisp. Just remember to keep them away from ripening vegetables and fruits.

Try to keep flowers out of the sun if you have to leave them in your car for any amount of time. Place them on the floor to provide shade, but remember that they still might not look as fresh when you return.

Don’t leave your flowers in the car overnight if at all possible. They can overheat or freeze and won’t be presentable by the morning.

You can use buckets filled with water to transport your flowers for more than 2 hours. Trim 2 inches of the stems and place them upright in the bucket.

Making Flowers Last

So, how long can flowers go without water? It all depends on the type of flower, temperature, and length of time without water. Remember the tips from this guide to get the maximum life and beauty out of your bouquets!

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