How to Plan a Whole House Renovation


Do you know that adage – it always takes twice as long and costs twice as much to perform a home renovation as predicted? Well, that’s even more true IF you don’t spend the necessary time, in the beginning, to plan out your whole house renovation properly.

The more time you can spend sharpening your ax, the less time it will take to cut down this enormous tree, that is, your house renovation. Don’t jump into it without abandon and forethought. That could result in disastrous results down the road.

Read on for some tips on planning a restoration or a home renovation.

Make Your Home Change-Ready First

Is your home ready for a major renovation? Or are there things you need to get done before you get chatting with contractors? Get specialists or a home surveyor to do a building report, so you can get bowed floorboards, or other gaping holes in your home’s structure fixed BEFORE you start spending hundreds on home renovation.

Think About What You Want Done

Each person’s home renovation plans will look different depending on specific needs and desires. That’s why you need to spend the time to think about the purpose of this home restoration project.

Are you sick and tired of a small kitchen or bathroom? Or do you wish to bring in more natural light into your bedroom? Do you wish to add an office to your home?

Once you have a list of these wishes, you will know exactly what your future home renovation plan should be.

Get Some Estimates

Don’t forget to get several estimates before choosing the best contractor for you. Even if you are planning to do the work yourself, you will need to go to home hardware stores to see what the material costs would be. Ask around and see if you can find something cheaper (click the link if you are looking for a flooring company).

Think About Your Budget

Yes, you want to make your home absolutely perfect. But that requires a huge budget. If you don’t have that right now, or if you could be happier with a smaller home restoration project, then keep that in mind when asking for estimates from contractors.

Will You Be the Project Manager or Someone Else?

Are you interested in managing dozens of contractors, all of whom are going to be working with a different attitude, budget, and schedule? If not, you will need to hire someone who could do the project management for you. Otherwise, your home renovation project will never finish on time or on budget.

Decide Where You Will Live While the Home Renovation Takes Place

If you are doing a whole house renovation, you might want to live somewhere else while the madness happens. Waking up to or holding meetings through banging, slashing, and crashing noises is not conducive to anyone’s mental health and sanity.

A Whole House Renovation Is a Huge Commitment – Are You Ready for It?

If you aren’t ready to tumble your life upside down, then reconsider doing a whole house renovation for now. Also, think about how this will affect your children and their studies.

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