How to Tell When It’s Time for Roof Shingles Repair

Man on roof nailing on new shingles.

Your home is not just a building – it’s where your peace lies.

Letting your roof take too much damage will get in the way of this peace. It’ll become an eyesore, start to leak, and before you know it, you’re dealing with mold and water damage inside of your home.

You can stop severe roof damage in its tracks by repairing the shingles when they need it. Roof shingles repair is quick and affordable when you hire a skilled contractor. Roofing is a $120 billion business, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

But how do you know your shingles need repair? Keep reading to learn the signs.

Your Shingles Are Starting to Crack

Cracked shingles are never a positive sign. They’re built tough, so if your shingles are cracking, it means they’re either worn out or they’ve suffered some damage.

Weather is usually a major factor. Temperatures in the summertime in Florida can swing between 73 and 95 degrees any given day. Florida residents often get cracked shingles because the rapid heating and cooling of their shingles on these days creates thermal stress.

Your shingles will also take a beating in the wintertime if you live in Colorado or the New England states.

The Roof Is Drooping in Areas

If your roof is drooping, it’s because the layers above have been compromised. Free the burden on the rest of your roof by getting your shingles changed.

You may have to end up changing several shingles for functional and cosmetic reasons. Have a professional handle this service to prevent it from becoming dangerous.

It’s Been About 20 Years

You should also change your shingles if your roof is old. The 20-year mark is a good barometer to follow. If your roof has reached this point, repairing the shingles will help you get more quality years from the roof.

Call up roofers to get price estimates. Roof repairs cost about $950, on average. You might pay more if your project is complex or requires expensive labor.

A professional can set you up with the types of roof shingles that you’re looking for. You might choose between an asphalt shingle roof, installing steel or aluminum metal roof shingles, or going green with solar roof shingles.

Do your own research and consult with a pro to choose the best roof shingles for your house.

You Notice Plant and Fungus Growth

You should definitely call up a roofer if your shingles are starting to look like an ecosystem. Shingles that have loosened, cracked, and spaced apart tend to grow greenery and algae fungus.

These problems will only get worse with years and changing seasons. Letting algae grow on your roof this long can become a problem.

It hurts your property values, compromises your roof, and can cause health issues.

Handle Your Roof Shingles Repair Work

Learning to handle your roof shingles repair work will help you protect your home. With the steps above you’ll have no problem recognizing the signs.

Take photos of your damage and call up a contractor that can help. Reference the information you learned, along with your own research, so you can ask the right questions.

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