Lawn Maintenance: 3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn


The fact that the landscaping industry is currently worth 100 billion shows how much Americans care about their front lawns.

You should too. Alongside making your home look visually appealing, a healthy lawn has a ton more benefits. These include cooling the air, improving air quality, and benefitting your health.

Yet, keeping your lawn healthy can be tricky. Read on to make the process easier with some helpful lawn maintenance tips.

Tip #1: Mow Your Lawn

Effective mowing involves more than just a weekly cut. If you want a healthy lawn, let certain factors control how and when you cut.

What Species It Is

The length at which grass flourishes varies from species to species. Kentucky Bluegrass, for example, prefers to stand 2 to 2.5 inches after cutting. Bermuda grass prefers a 1 to 1.5-inch height.

The exact length which your grass should be when you cut it also varies in this way.

Look up the specifics for your lawn’s species. Then, regularly measure your grass. Cut only when it gets to an appropriate height and make sure you’re cutting it tall enough.

What Season It Is

The weather of each season change how fast your grass grows. Summer is usually the best month for growth. Spring, fall, and winter are less so.

Therefore, cut your grass weekly in summer and every two weeks in fall and spring.

Winter may or may not bring growth. This usually depends on the average warmth of the season. Monitor the height and only cut at the right time during this season.

Tip #2: Seed Effectively

From time to time, it’s good to add seeds to an already established lawn. This can help thicken it and fill in dead areas. However, those seeds will only grow under certain conditions.

Season Matters

Not all seasons facilitate seed health. Seeds take root and grow easiest and fastest in the autumn.

During this season, the ground is moist and yet warm. The sun also doesn’t get dangerously hot.

Planting Style Matters

Don’t just throw seeds over your lawn. You need to take certain lawn care maintenance steps. This will help the seeds establish themselves.

Prepare the lawn by aerating, scarifying, mowing, and watering it. You should also put the seeds down with fertilizer.

Tip #3: Kill Weeds Effectively

According to, weed control is key to keeping your lawn lush. Invaders like crabgrass not only make your lawn look unattractive. They also steal precious nutrients from grass.

To combat them, use weed control sprays. However, don’t use this when there are new seeds on the lawn. Many sprays inhibit seed growth while inhibiting weed growth.

Proper Lawn Maintenance Is Worth It!

All these lawn maintenance methods require extra work and care. However, you’ll feel proud of the beautiful lawn your efforts have cultivated.

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