What Are the Different Types of Garage Doors That Exist Today?

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When purchasing a home, many include a garage on their “must-have” list. However, that’s where the interest in the garage stops!

While the look of your home is the most crucial factor, you’ll still want to ensure that your garage door looks good and functions properly. After all, the appearance of your garage can affect the rest of your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re looking to update your carport, looking into the different types of garage doors available is crucial. Keep reading for some of the best options you can consider for your garage entry.


One of the most common residential garage doors, a sectional door is composed of a series of panels attached by hinges. When the door is opened, the hinges bend, allowing the door to retract on a ceiling-mounted track.

If you’re planning a garage renovation and already have your floors completed thanks, to Garage Force, these sturdy doors are a low-maintenance option if you’re looking to transform the rest of your space.


A less standard but great alternative to the section door, slide-to-the-side doors operate similarly to sectionals but aren’t ceiling mounted. The track is installed on the wall instead, which allows you to slide a hinged door to open.

These are a great option if you plan on using any ceiling rafters for storage. Sliding doors offer a sleek, unique appearance, helping your garage stand out among your neighbors.


Though a traditionally hinged door for your garage may seem unnecessary, double doors are one of the best options. Just as double doors on for a home would operate, this choice is growing in popularity lately.

These side-hinged doors met in the middle, allowing you to open one or both at a time. This option is beneficial for those looking for a modern garage door and those with limited space inside the structure.


Canopy doors are similar to sectionals in that they are both mounted doors that run on a track. The canopy-style door is one of the most affordable, as they don’t need the expensive mechanisms other options require.

However, instead of sections attached by hinges, canopy doors are composed of one large piece. Because they are only one piece of material, this option is a great, lightweight choice.

The Types of Garage Doors You Can Install

Though you might be surprised to find out there are so many different doors, a smart homeowner makes time to research options before deciding on a door.

Finding the best garage doors requires you to take the price, functionality, and appearance of each door into consideration before making your final decision. You can also decide if you want a manual or automatic option.

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