5 Things That Could Go Wrong with your Air Conditioner


The Air Conditioner is an essential part of our life. It functions throughout the year to keep you feel comfortable even during the hot and humid days. But, there are several problems that often make the air conditioning system of your home fail to perform to its optimum. 

Here, we are going to discuss the 5 most common problems that you often face with your AC unit. There are various complicated parts in your AC unit, so it’s better to hire a professional AC technician to fix these problems. 

5 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

The air conditioning system of your home is well engineered as well as servers you by every day and night. But, it is also a high-tech system that depends on a combination of critical components that helps it to work properly. 

If any of those components fail to work, it may prevent the system from cool your room. You can have a look at the 5 most common things that could go wrong with an Air Conditioner: 

Electrical Problems 

If there are any electrical problems based on your AC unit, then it might build up acids inside the machine. These acids can damage other internal components of the Air Conditioner. So, it is important that you hire an AC technician to check the presence of acids in case of a non-functioning AC unit. 

If the technician finds out that the internal parts of the AC have been damaged due to electrical burn, then you get a more reliable and recommendable AC repair service. It is essential to fix this problem immediately before it damages the compressor completely. 

Dirty Coils

Sometimes, mineral scales, dust, and grime accumulate on the condenser coil of the Air Conditioner. Then, it becomes unable to expel enough amount of heat. Therefore, having to run continuously the AC then gets under a lot of strain. Thus, it fails to maintain a cool temperature. 

The increased temperature and pressure can make the AC overheat and that leads to a complete no working state. So, when the coils of your AC are dirty, it will not be possible for the system to absorb the heat from the room. An AC technician can help you to clean the dirty coils of the AC. 

Problems with the Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TEV) 

Thermostatic Expansion Valve or TEV helps the AV to regulate the number of the refrigerant flow to the evaporator. Without controlling the flow of refrigerant, the efficiency of the evaporator may decrease and becomes a major concern. 

Additionally, the performance of the system can become uneven or spotty. At this point, diagnosing the exact problem, whether it’s the clogged filter or TXV or something else- can be a challenging task for you. 

So, you can hire an Air-conditioning repair technician who can help you to figure out the exact problem and repair the device with ease. 

Broken Blower Fan Belt 

There are several things that could go wrong with the blower fan. If it fails to run, then it becomes unable to transfer energy from the motor. The belt is another small component of your AC unit that can make the entire system fall apart, in case of a break-down. 

These type of issues can be solved easily by hiring an AC repair technician who can help you to by checking the blower belt. If they find out that it is looking a bit worn out, they can replace it quickly and then the AC unit will start working as it should. 

Coolant Leaks and Leaky Ducts 

Poor maintenance of your AC unit will often leak the refrigerant. It’s not because there is a problem with the system, it’s because it is running for a long time without routine maintenance. When there is a leakage in the coolant of your AC unit, then the entire system may break down if it is not addressed. 

The AC ducts are like the respiratory system of your home that distributes air and maintenance along with proper airflow to keep your room cool. So, if there is any leakage in the AC ducts, then the machine becomes unable to keep the air cool in your room. To repair these types of leakage, you can hire a well-trained AC repair technician. 

How to Get the Best AC Repair Technician? 

First of all, you can ask your friend or family member for their recommendations. Furthermore, you can also search for the best Air-conditioners repair technician on the Internet. You can select the best one by following the customer reviews on the official website of the service provider. 

After choosing the top-rated service provider, you can contact them. Share your problems with them and provide them your address. They will assign a well-trained technician for you and send him to your place. 

After examining your AC unit, you will be given a budget by the technician. Once you complete the formality or paperwork, the problem will be solved shortly. 

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