8 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies


Healthcare has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years with the advent of new web health marketing strategies . Interactive patient involvement has become the cornerstone of any successful clinic, leading the various professionals towards new methods of providing the patient with superior quality service.

However, healthcare marketing strategies are constantly evolving, which is why it is essential to keep up to date on what the new trends are. Our patients quickly get used to new services, which is why it is essential for a doctor to never stay fasting for health marketing news . If you want to promote your business better and make yourself known to more patients, here are some tips and strategies that can improve the quality of your healthcare marketing.

List of effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies

1. Use social media in your healthcare marketing strategy

Social media are a powerful tool for understanding the needs and interests of your audience. In fact, the use of social media is now widespread in all age groups: between 18 and 29 years 86% of people have a social profile, between 30 and 49 80%, between 50 and 64 the 64%, while in the over 65 34% .

It will therefore be essential to be present on these platforms and understand what the customer is interested in, giving the right information on multiple channels. Today the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the medical field is already a daily reality. You therefore cannot avoid being present on these platforms if you want to successfully implement your health marketing strategy .

2. Optimize your website in an SEO key

The optimization of a site in SEO key is essential to be found by your audience. SEO tries to improve the visibility of a website or a web page in order to climb the heights of the SERP, or the pages indexed by Google when performing a search.

Do you want your site to be among the first results of Google? Start thinking about investing in improving your SEO . For this there are health marketing professionals , who are able to optimize your content and your web page to the fullest.

3. Interact with patient reviews

The power of your brand lies in what is said of your professionalism, or in your reputation. Perfecting patient care is certainly a good start, but dealing with negative or positive online reviews is also important. When a patient feels the need to post online feedback, he has certainly been hit positively or negatively.

Addressing negative comments with the right calm will help you improve customer relationships . Responding to reviews and showing yourself active and responsive online is essential for your image, but remember never to lose your temper! In this regard, an innovative system for obtaining feedback has been studiedfrom patients who use your healthcare facility: h · evi, which stands for Health Reviews . With this system you can get precise information on what and how to improve in your customer service.

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4. Keep up to date with the best messaging apps

It’s hard to ignore the popularity of WhatsApp in your healthcare marketing strategy . The mobile app for text and voice calls founded seven years ago now includes 500 million monthly active users . It seems that this messaging system supports around 100 million voice calls per day , which makes it a real phenomenon in the world of fast messaging apps.

There are now many professionals, even in the health sector, who rely on WhatsApp to communicate with their patients . It will be essential to make your contact easily available, so that more and more patients can contact us instantly. In this way, even those who still do not know us, but are looking for a professional, will feel immediately at ease in communicating with us.

5. Look at competitive health marketing strategies

The continuous evolution of healthcare marketing has led to an unprecedented increase in competition in the medical sector. Competitive auditing or monitoring of competitors’ social profiles become fundamental in a well-planned Digital marketing strategy .

Monitoring the competition will also allow us not to overlook any of the news in the medical marketing field. It is in fact a sector that continues to evolve and that continually reserves new surprises.

Entrusting yourself to expert hands could be a quick solution to grow your business, but remember that throwing an eye on the profiles of other professionals can give you useful tips.

6. Invest the right budget in your strategy

In life we ​​often try to save, but it is not always the best choice. If you are thinking of improving your business, try to invest a reasonable budget in this project . The more time and money you decide to devote to your healthcare marketing project, the greater the result.

To build a solid and lasting web image it will be necessary to think about a long-term investment , which can give you satisfaction and patients for a long time. You will not be the only one to invest money in medical marketing , in fact world spending in this sector has almost doubled from 1997 to 2016, rising to at least 30 billion dollars a year .

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7. Personalized newsletters to retain the patient

The personalization of newsletters , also called mail merge , is a custom widely used in email marketing . Individual messages are much more pleasing to the customer than multiple messages, which is why having a system for personalizing your emails can give a sense of trust and greater closeness to your patient.

Personalized emails will be your most incisive method of advertising, because you will always be able to let your patients know the news of your work and your research, keeping an active contact with each of them.

8. Showcase your medical professionalism

Your image is your first business card in any marketing strategy. Don’t forget to advertise your findings and work through as many channels as possible. Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, must be constantly updated with your work.

A winning weapon is the creation of videos to be shared and shown on LCD displays in your clinic. Do not underestimate the care of your person and your way of showing yourself to the public : body language also plays an important role in customer perception.

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